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Tinted car windows first arrived on the scene in the 1960s. The film used back then, didn’t produce the finished product that’s possible today, namely: a smooth tint that makes it impossible to discern where the tint begins and the window ends. Improvements continued from those early days, and currently, the best product on the market is called nano ceramic film

What is nano ceramic film?

In the past, car owners could choose between two types of window tint: carbon and ceramic. Nano ceramic film is a whole new product that incorporates the best of both to create a tint that performs better than any product that’s come before it. It improves visibility, lasts longer in prime shape, rejects heat and harmful UV rays, and more.  

The ultimate protection

Nano ceramic film offers a whole new level of protection for the interior of your car. It protects passengers from UV rays and the interior of your car too. Overtime, the interior of your car can start to fade and look tired as a result of the direct and magnified UV rays making their way inside. Nano ceramic allows less than half of UV light into the car’s interior as would find its way in without it.  

Nano ceramic film offers privacy

Another great aspect of this product is the privacy that it offers to the driver and passengers of a vehicle. Since the windows are darker and harder to see through, it also provides a shield and protection for any valuable items inside your car. And, it does all of this without unnecessary darkening your car windows are interfering with your ability to see clearly through the window.   

The shatter-proof option

Yet another positive reason to choose nano ceramic is its shatter-proof properties. Even if you’re in a vehicle accident that shatters the windshield or windows of your vehicle, the film will allow the glass to break but keep the shards of glass intact. So not only does the film protect you from harmful UV rays, offer privacy and protect your belongings, but it also could protect you from serious injury too if you were in a car accident.