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There are many things you can do to keep your vehicle looking its finest, including wax, vinyl wraps, ceramic coating, and more. You’re reading this article, so chances are that you already maintain your car in good condition, both inside and out. That said, there is no limit or extreme measure you can take when it comes to preserving your car’s finish. And at one point in time, there was a stereotype that only the meticulous car owners used a clear bra paint protection Parker service for their vehicle. But as time passes, we see how important vehicle protection actually is. 

Clear Protection

In sum, a clear bra or paint protection film is a completely transparent film that protects the paint, front bumper, headlight, frontal section, and grills. Its transparency allows you to still visibly see the beauty of the finish without exposing it to outside elements. You can find paint protection on high-impact areas of vehicles of all kinds. Nowadays, you can find a clear bra paint protection in matte, gloss, and even in the color of your vehicle. Your car will receive fantastic protection for the areas that are more exposed to debris, smoke, gravel, and more that come from high-traffic areas. 

When you decide on clear bra paint protection Parker service, keep in mind that out of all of the paint protections (wraps, waxes, etc.) for your vehicle, a clear bra is the only film that can protect your car from road debris and branches. Because of the advanced technology of the materials used, clear bra paint does much more than combat scratches and dents. These materials are infused with nanotechnology and polymers which deflect UV rays from sun exposure, bird droppings, bugs, and any other substance known to wreak havoc on your paint finishes. There’s no telling when or where those rocks will come from, but you can be sure that your clear bra paint protection will have you covered. 

In addition to its hardknox barrier, clear bra paint can last up to 5 years when done professionally. Your vehicle is surrounded by weather elements and chemicals in the air (pollution), but a clear bra is a direct deflection of these hazards. It’s simple to be replaced, and can even cover your entire car. So when it comes time to trade in or resell, that barrier of protection just increases the value!

How Long Does It Last?

The type of brand means everything in terms of lasting long and keeping its finish. The most important element to getting the best clear bra protection is finding a qualified installer. This means that they’ll use top-notch products from trusted brands that will stand up to the harsh weather and outside elements. They’ll make sure that the brand they use isn’t prone to yellowing or cracking. It’s worth noting that your clear bra protection should be replaced after 5 years because it can become difficult to remove. It will not fade or tear with each wash or wax, and is especially beneficial for your sports car. It doesn’t matter the vehicle, your clear bra paint protection will be 100% effective against all types of hazards for all vehicles. 

There’s no better time to protect the finish of your vehicle than now. With our many protection services, you will experience a brand new car every time. At Messer Window Tint, our expert tech team will use only the best quality materials to get your car covered for years to come.  Contact us today for your clear bra, wax, and interior/exterior cleaning!