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Your car is one of your most prized possessions. Its interior and exterior presentation is important for the length of its years. Keeping in mind that miles add up, you know that the exterior will show its age if not maintained. Protecting your car’s exterior is one thing you should keep in mind when you’re maintaining your car’s life expectancy. So, what’s the best way to preserve the natural look of your car? Perhaps you’ve thought about waxing or a sealant of some kind? In order to get the best ceramic coating Parker car detailing, let’s take a look at what it means to coat your car. 

Sealing the Deal 

There are three different kinds of finish preservation methods for your car. These include sealant, ceramic coating, and wax. Sealant mimics the appearance of wax, but it is made from synthetic materials. Sealant can be susceptible to heat and soap. Wax is probably the most recognized element in protecting your car’s finish. It’s made from a diverse blend of materials that are mixed with the wax itself. It’s not possible to find a wax product that is made of 100% wax. This is because wax simply doesn’t hold its smooth, even balance on its own and must be mixed with other solvents. This can mean that when you buy a “cheap” version of wax for your car, it might be mixed with substances that aren’t going to protect well. While a wax in its pure state will be difficult to find, you can find a wax that is mixed with solvents and materials that will enhance the look of your car while providing protection. Ceramic is a rather new concept and has only been on the market for a little over 15 years. Ceramic-based protectants for your vehicle are more durable than wax or sealant. This type of coating protects your vehicle from all environmental forces because it creates a chemical bond between your car and itself. It truly is one of the best protectants you can get for your vehicle. The second most important aspect in protecting your car’s exterior is finding the best ceramic coating Parker detailer to do it correctly, so you have a longer lasting finish. 

How Long Does it Last?

A vehicle that is well-maintained should be able to get away with getting a coating every 3 years. However, if you’re new to ceramic coating your vehicle, you’ll need to take care of a few things first. Proper preparation techniques are key to getting the most out of your ceramic coating. Always wash your car first to ensure all dirt and debris that are in fine cracks will be gone. Next, once completely clean, you’ll want to throw on clay. A clay lubricant will help lift any debris that could get stuck under the coating. Then you’ll want to polish your vehicle before lastly wiping it down. Now, you are ready to get the best ceramic coating Parker detailing!

All of this prep work will ensure you have a longer lasting ceramic coating.

When to Get it Recoated

There are several ways to tell when you should get your car recoated. One sign is if you notice that your car stops “beading”. Beading is what happens when rain hits your car and the water rolls off in tiny bead-like droplets. Also, when you notice that the car’s bright shine has become dull, it’s time for a fresh coating. You should use your best judgment when deciding when it’s time to refresh the coating on your exterior. 

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