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3M Window Tint

3M Commercial Window Film in Denver

3M Window Tint is a name that is well known in the United States and around the world. This trusted brand has improved the quality of life for millions of people in a multitude of ways. Window tinting is no exception to this reputation and Denver has more than most cities to gain from this industry leader. For over 50 years, window tint has been driving innovation and refining their window film products to better serve the households and businesses that use them. Their commitment to quality and emerging technology is apparent by their near constant release of cutting edge product lines, as well as the durability of the staple products they already have on the market.

Commercial Applications for 3M Window Tint

3M window tint has all the benefits a commercial business owner could desire. In fact, when partnering with 3M, a commercial investor can be confident that the high-quality 3M window tint products they apply to their building’s windows will result in the profit they expected. Ultimately, In today’s highly competitive commercial business space, generating more profit through window film can put you head and shoulders above other similar business models and overwhelmingly gives you the competitive edge.

Additionally, The benefits for commercial buildings have such a great impact because of the sheer scale of the physical and financial investment involved– larger buildings, make for larger profit and these profits are greatly amplified with window tint. The buildings are larger, the potential profits bigger, and the responsibility to one’s tenants is higher. However, 3M understands this principal of magnitude and has responded time-and-time again with game-changing window film innovations to keep up with the pace of emerging business.

3M window Tint vast benefits for commercial spaces include:

  • Drastically lower energy costs
  • Increase tenant retention
  • Premium levels of security
  • Bomb and bullet-resistant glass and windows
  • Glare elimination
  • High-end graphics for branding
  • Custom privacy options for glass office spaces

We do 3M Clear Bra too!

Not only specializing in Denver window tinting, Messer Window Tinting is your place to get a clear bra paint protection for your car, motorcycle, RV or boat. A clear bra or protective film is a clear urethane laminate and is designed to protect the appearance and value of your prized possession.

Additionally, We use 24″, 36″ and 60″ rolls of film which allows us to digitally cut a clear bra for any type of application. What this means to you is there will be no cutting done on your vehicle, therefore, no accidental cuts to your paint.

Applying a paint protection film to the front of your vehicle will protect it from dings, scratches and even bug guts which can cause your paint to break down, creating unwanted damage.

We can cover 22″, 30″ or the Entire hood in one piece. A clear bra paint protection film is an investment that cannot be beaten. Contact Messer Window Tinting, for a quality job at a reasonable price for your clear bra installation!

Read more about Messer Window Tinting Clear Bra here!

Auto Protective Film

There’s a 100% chance something will wreck the paint on your new car. Rocks, bugs, stone, sand, harsh weather, keys, salt, rings — you name it. Our virtually invisible film tirelessly protects your paint, even when you can’t. Get it professionally applied to the high-impact, vulnerable areas of your vehicle. The film has advanced flexibility and hugs tightly to curves and contours, which makes it easy to install and leaves no visual trace.

The Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series offers:

•     Unrivaled scratch and stain resistance

•     Exceptional clarity

•     Resistance to yellowing

•     Self-healing technology, which makes most scratches disappear

•     Tough, durable and maintenance free

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